Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pastor Tim answers a lot of questions day to day. Some of the questions are repeated often enough that it makes sense to list them so everyone can see them. Check back here often as he adds to the list of frequently asked questions.

What Is Revival?

Here is how J. I. Packer answers that question in his essay, "The Glory of God and the Reviving of Religion" in A God-Entranced Vision of All Things (pp. 100-104):

What is the pattern of genuine revival? Packer suggests the following ten elements:

  1. God comes down.

  2. God's Word pierces.

  3. Man's sin is seen.

  4. Christ's cross is valued.

  5. Change goes deep.

  6. Love breaks out.

  7. Joy fills hearts.

  8. Each church becomes itself - becomes, that is, the people of the divine presence in an experiential, as distinct from merely notional, sense.

  9. The lost are found.

  10. Satan keeps pace.

I would not disagree with Mr. Packer. Revival is a work of God and God alone among his people. We at New Sterling are praying for revival. We are praying for God, through the power of the Spirit to the glory of Jesus Christ, to work among us in such a mighty way that our hearts would be filled with everlasting joy.

Please join us. Please join us in our prayer. We have asked members of New Sterling to place a sign in their yards as a reminder, an encouragement and as a signal to others that they are indeed praying for revival. Also near the church we placed signs creating a 'Prayer Mile.' Here also people are encouraged to pray as they pass along this way.

Again, I ask you join us in prayer. If you would like a sign or signs to place in your yard please call me at 704.929.0104.

God bless, Pastor Tim